DOOSAN INFRACORE SHAN DONG - Power, Performance and profitability

High Reliability

The 3-D design of the frame features stress analysis technology from our Korean headquarters and has passed strict quality testing, ensuring that its components are safe and reliable. All quick-wearing parts are equipped with wear-resistant sheaths. We provide a good warranty policy and offer a one-stop service. The center of gravity of the entire machine has been moved towards the back. As the core of the hydraulic valve is solid and processed with high-precision machinery, it delivers good micro-motion performance, reduces internal leakage, and has a longer lifespan.

High Comfort

The cab features Korean technology, including an integral-type frame structure for greater security and high-performance damping materials for highly effective dust prevention and noise reduction. In addition, it has acquired a patent for its safety design and multi-functional integral retractile system. The patented bumper block eliminates the noise caused by the impulsion of steering. The steering wheel aid reduces driver's steering force and fatigue.

High Effectiveness

DISD boasts higher level of operation efficiency, maintainability of brake without removing tires, and fast fuel preheating.

Low Oil Consumption

The powerful WD-Deutz engine combined with a high quality oil pump enables rational and effective power matching as well as reduced oil consumption.



SD300 features powerful performance under poor working conditions with high efficiency and fuel saving operation


The highly reliable components and anti-abrasive material not only improved the durability of the device, but also enhanced its work efficiency and extended its service life.


The replacement cycle of vulnerable parts are substantially extended. Spacious maintenance space makes the maintenance work done more quickly and conveniently.



SD300E features powerful performance under poor working conditions with high efficiency and fuel saving operation. Well integrated high quality main components make it possible.

  • Doosan DE08TIS engine is mounted. Excellent performance and good quality.
  • Smoother gear shift with ZF 4 shift transmission. Very well proven and best quality transmission.
  • SD300E has an optional tropical high quality 1 layer aluminum radiator.