Power, Performance and profitability

The newly improved EUROSTAR 9040 models are designed under our PEP Concept (Power, Performance and Profitability) to suit for variety of uses for greater production under the most favourable working conditions.
By all means, EUROSTAR 9040 offers reliability, functionality and performance to their owners and directly influence positive results on customers' financial investment.

Mountain King Series

The sturdily built EUROSTAR 9540 range are created to maximize performance under any condition. The focal point for EUROSTAR 9540 is its ability and capability to adapt to the environment in which is it used; making it an ideal machine for operating on uneven terrain and still able to perform all the tasks it was designed for in the best possible way.

Eurostar 4540

This latest variation also features technologically enhanced functions that are reliable and simple to use. With a four-cylinder engine, however, the Eurostar 4540 Facelift is more powerful than its predecessor, providing even greater performance efficiency and eases workflow. This sand dune conqueror redefines great performance with cutting-edge functions. It is well built for easy usability, while offering maximum efficiency at minimum cost. Our continuous efforts in improving the performance of our tractors have made this an expert in peat terrain, allowing the option to modify the back tyres into double tyres or LGP(Low Ground Pressure Tyre).


FL958G equipped with Shangchai-C6121 engine; Central articulated which allow the machine in good stability; Adopted all-hydraulic flow priority to enlarge steering systems, light and flexible steering; Adopted large vision field, luxurious cab with A/C and audio device, advanced damping seat, comfortable and safe operating environment; Equipped with cold start, central greasing , electronic weighing and Global Positioning System.


FL936F equipped with DEUTZ TD226B engine as standard configuration; Adopted a large vision, damping cab, comfortable operation environment; Pilot control, easy and light operation; Hydro-mechanical transmission avoids the stop due to the sudden increased external load, absorbs and eliminates the vibration and shocks on the engine due to the external load, and increases machine life cycle; Four-wheeled driving, low-pressure, wide-bas, off-highway tires, with good performance of passing.