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Mobile Doublescreen - QA335

Mobile doublescreen is a revolutionary, patented design utilizing two high velocity screen boxes to achieve higher throughput and increased screening efficiency. Doublescreen system is available in a double deck or triple deck form and offers you a screening solution that no other mobile screener can provide.

Key Benefits

• Massive production capabilities due to the substantial screening area

• Independently adjustable screenbox angles delivering ultimate precision screening

• Large volume hopper complete with remote control hydraulic tipping grid

• User-friendly control panel with sequential start-up for ease of operation

• Full radio remote control as standard for safe and easy maneuverability

Specs & Compare

Key Specifications

QA451 Doublescreen

QA441 Doublescreen

QA335 Doublescreen

Screen box

6 x 1.5 m

6 x 1.5 m

6 x 1.5 m


C4.4 Acert 74.5 kW

C4.4 83 kW (Europe Only)

C4.4 Acert 74.5 kW

C4.4 83 kW (Europe Only)

C4.4 Acert 74.5 kW

C3.4 55 kW (Europe Only)

Transport Dimensions

18.37*3.20*3.55m (L*W*H)

18.68*3.0*3.5m (L*W*H)

15.3*3.0*3.4m (L*W*H)


34,000 kg

30,300 kg

26,300 kg

*Engine option available dependent upon regional legislation