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Mobile Scalpers - QE141

Mobile scalpers have been designed to handle a wide range of applications and compliment mobile crushers range. Scalpers are capable of handling a wide range of different and difficult materials and applications, such as construction waste, landfill mining, quarry overburden, mine dumps and scalping before a crusher or screening aggregates after a crusher.

Key Benefits

• Massive production capabilities due to substantial screening area

• Massive stockpiling capability through integrated conveyors

• Easy operation through a unique color-coded control panel with one touch start/stop

• Optimum fuel economy to lower your operating costs

• Wide choice of screen media available

Specs & Compare

Key Specifications





Screen Box

5.5 x 1.7 m

Double deck

4.7 x 1.45 m

Double deck

3.5 x 1.24 m

Double deck m

Double deck


C4.4 Acert 96 kW

C4.4 Acert 74.5 kW

C4.4 Acert 83 kW

(Europe only)

C4.4 Acert 74.5 kW

C3.4 Acert 55 kW

C4.4 Acert 74.5 kW

Transport Dimensions

16.33*3.2*3.5m (L*W*H)

14.48*3.0*3.4m (L*W*H)

9.98*2.5*3.1m (L*W*H)

8.97*2.7*3.1m (L*W*H)


37,070 kg

29,770 kg

17,500 kg

19,500 kg

*Engine option available dependent upon regional legislation